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26 photos

OreCap 003 Front of bldg dome and pioneer with tulip tree

OreCap 004 Dome and Pioneer with rodi and daffodils

OreCap 009 Walk of Flags fm NW-horiz

OreCap 010 Walk of Flags fm SW-vert

OreCap 011 Walk of Flags fm SW-vert

OreCap 012 Walk of Flags, from SW-horiz

OreCap 013 Pioneer & dome fm SW

OreCap 014 Bldg from Wilson Pk-horiz

OreCap 015 Pioneer with big OR flag thru tree

OreCap 016 Walk of Flags both Ore flags

OreCap 017 Beaver family

OreCap 018 Circuit Rider, no base-horiz

OreCap 019 Circuit Rider, no base-vert

OreCap 020 Circuit Rider, with base

OreCap 021 Dome thru fall color

OreCap 022 Mall in summer fm dome-horiz

OreCap 023 Mall in summer fm dome-vert

OreCap 024 Pioneer close-up

OreCap 025 Mall with bldg in distance

OreCap 026 Cherry trees on Mall